Art in Health

The Multi Sensory Art Project is an Art in Health Project


Our Artists work alongside Artist Mentors who enable groups or individuals to create artworks for our large scale Art Installations.  Our Artists can be any age and from any background. Together they are inspired by artists from The New Art Centre, Roche Court. The interpretation of the work by our artists comes from the skills and ideas each person brings to the workshops and the supportive way in which the work is presented by the RCET team. All the Installations they collectively create are for the enjoyment of anyone with profound needs who would not have the chance to visit an Art Gallery. This may be due to their complex conditions or that their condition is palliative.

All Artists who create the Installations have varying support needs therefore the working environment we create is safe, caring, supportive and above all fun.

Together we create these installations to make sure everyone has access to incredible art experiences, either making and creating or as an audience, visits to Galleries where possible and working alongside brilliant Artist Facilitators. We know through our own research and research from the Art in Health community that our project improves health both mental and physical, boosts confidence, shares new skills and models true equality for all.