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Journeys & Transport Installation begins at Larkrise School 23-5-16

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The Journeys and Transport Installation is underway, take a look at the first pictures.

The children are so eager to start their exploration journey

More about our collaboration with RCET

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The Roche Court Educational Trust (RCET) is a creative partner on The Multi-

Sensory Art Project. RCET works with teachers, young people and specialist

groups to develop confidence and skills by looking, thinking and speaking about art.

Our aim is to provide a greater understanding and enjoyment of the culture of our

age. We encourage everyone to speak amongst themselves and in public about the

visual world, raising their aspirations and increasing their knowledge. The charity is

based at the New Art Centre sculpture park and gallery.

Our link with the project ensures a connection to high quality exhibitions by

internationally renowned artists. We also provide support and share our specialist

knowledge of modern and contemporary art with the project manager, staff and

students involved with the project. We host teacher training at the sculpture park to

develop confidence and knowledge, which is encouraged to be used in the

classroom with students.

It has been valuable for us as a Trust to reflect on the complexities of language and

explore all modes of communication, to ensure connections are made between

people, spaces and objects.

We are one step closer to our shared aim of encouraging and introducing all young

people to modern and contemporary art. We know there are currently limitations for

young people with PMLD to visit galleries or museums and so it is important to take

our ideas and ways of working to the school.

These exchanges between the school and our charity illuminate the abstracted and

subjective viewpoints of the world, of both the students at the school and the artists

exhibited at the sculpture park. This project promotes our shared ethos that initially

enabled us to work together, a communication that is like no other, fuelled by our

senses and driven by a passion for art and people.