Experience, Explore, Imagine (Our Vision)

Experience, Explore, Imagine -Our Vision


Art is powerful. Research now confirms what we felt all along. Access to art, whether as the audience or participant improves all aspects of our lives; our physical and mental health, experiences and aspirations. The M.S.A.P was created to make sure art in all its forms is truly reaching everyone. By creating an art project for our most profoundly disabled and vulnerable in society, we can offer true equality of access for all.

The project breaks down barriers between people, organisations and ideas by encouraging the sharing of skills and knowledge. Our vision is bold, brilliant and evolving. We have already reached many of our aims and aspirations. The more people we meet, the more informed and inspired we are. Our vision for the future is to be able to offer The M.S.A.P to as many people as possible. 



To employ artists with special needs. To celebrate and uncover talent in everyone. To push boundaries of where quality art is seen. To bring art out of the Gallery and to new audiences in everyday life. To make sure our Art Installations remain free to all, so that wealth doesn’t determine access to art. To continue to explore and be playful in our quest for true equality for all.

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By providing Art Installations that have something for every sense and every body.

The Installations break down the barriers between people through the medium of art and creativity.

by offering space to children and adults that is totally inclusive and accepting.

providing space that carers and students and adults, can experience and explore independently, or in partnership.

Employing artists and creative practitioners who create the installations and mentor artists with additional needs. To offer a non hierarchical structure and to pay artists, regardless of their special needs, the same rate of pay

To offer work experience.

Strong partnerships are formed that promote access to the arts and share our aims

To share knowledge and evidence.

To offer our services to Wiltshire residents and beyond where reasonably appropriate

We combine the expert knowledge of parents, teachers, I.T. specialists, researchers and artists to bring art, in all its forms together in an art installation. These Installations  are inspired by people with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), who for a variety of reasons may never be able to visit an art gallery.